Gagal Move On And A Future Plan

Being special to your beloved people is the most important thing in the world and it makes you happy. You feel like the useless person in the world if you are not special to them; and it makes you really sad.

Among all of them, one particular girl can makes me the happiest if I’m important to her. Sadly, she is not mine anymore. She is with another lad now but fuck it I will wait for her. Never leave the one you love for the one who you like. I don’t know maybe she doesn’t realize this now or maybe she love me no more. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter now. She is now taken so just wait for the next opportunity and don’t mess it up, because I messed it up once with stupid consideration. Go the one you love even you will face big trouble. It’s a really good gamble if you think about it (and experience matters, too).

She lied to me about something important and still I could forgive her. This is stupid. My IQ is decreasing by 100 when I’m in love. I was angry, but still can’t let her go.

Keep that good person if she/he worth to keep. But, be careful. She/he could be your best medicine or your worst pain. So, treat them wisely.

BY THE WAY. I’ve been thinking about some culinary business idea. Basically, it’s a coffee shop. But, I want a good theme in it and food psychology is the one that interests me the most. Hope I can find some people and work together and make it real.


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