Take a weight off my mind, Blog

The time to learn a hardest lesson of life has come. MOVE ON. So hard. I can’t imagine it’s gonna be this hard. My dota 2 hardest game is just like a ribosome compare to this move on lesson that as huge as an universe. Updating my blog is just a way to transfer my emotion. But, not all, eventually. Maybe this type of move on will take several months, or even years! I spend 5 months already but still, zero result. Could be worse…

I hope something or maybe someone could help like an enzyme as a catalyst to accelerate my learning time so I don’t have to waste a fucking lot of time to overcome this. Dota 2 helps, but not that much. Maybe, play more games will help. Or eating. Or sleeping.

PS: E-Motion is kind of a good name for a product that could move that commanded from something that conduct electricity.


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