My Thought About Reading

As I live in this country, I’m trying to understand why people are so easy to jump to the conclusion about several issues. To get myself to that goal of mine, I start to read some ‘heavy’ books, because I need to get my brain relevant to the answer. I already read some books, but not that much because laziness and gaming still distract me a lot. But enough to make me understand a little bit about the answer. While I read, I talked to myself, “Wow, I know nothing about this world!”. And when I finish a book, I think that people will have some arguments to counter ideas that they encounter, until that debate stops at certain point when the road splits in two. A, when you win argument with people or yourself. B, when you can’t argue more with people or yourself. If you go to A, it’s good. You are actually reach at some point when your knowledge to work as a filter. But as Socrates said, “All I know is that I know nothing”. “You know nothing Jon Snow!”, said Ygritte. As you read more, you will understand that your knowledge is never enough. You will realize that a lot of people out there that way more knowledgeable than you. As an example of who are those people, the authors of the books that you read. If you go to B, just try to understand it. Nothing bad comes when you read a book. If it’s too hard, don’t worry. You must be good at something , right? People are not destined to be a master at everything. You still can ask people after your attempt to understand something. Some advice about asking something; don’t ask if you are not even trying to find the answer by yourself. People normally will be irritated if they find out that you don’t even put an effort to find the answer by yourself.

Read more so knowledge will help you have something to hold on, so knowledge will serve you as a filter in this world where information, ideology, philosophy, etc (what are the other kind of information?) can trigger a chaos, revolution (which is can be good or bad), or the worst; war. Read more so you have a new perspective to see our little world. Read more so your kids can ask you for your wisdom, so they can help their generations to be the best in the history of mankind. Happy National Book Day.


Gagal Move On And A Future Plan

Being special to your beloved people is the most important thing in the world and it makes you happy. You feel like the useless person in the world if you are not special to them; and it makes you really sad.

Among all of them, one particular girl can makes me the happiest if I’m important to her. Sadly, she is not mine anymore. She is with another lad now but fuck it I will wait for her. Never leave the one you love for the one who you like. I don’t know maybe she doesn’t realize this now or maybe she love me no more. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter now. She is now taken so just wait for the next opportunity and don’t mess it up, because I messed it up once with stupid consideration. Go the one you love even you will face big trouble. It’s a really good gamble if you think about it (and experience matters, too).

She lied to me about something important and still I could forgive her. This is stupid. My IQ is decreasing by 100 when I’m in love. I was angry, but still can’t let her go.

Keep that good person if she/he worth to keep. But, be careful. She/he could be your best medicine or your worst pain. So, treat them wisely.

BY THE WAY. I’ve been thinking about some culinary business idea. Basically, it’s a coffee shop. But, I want a good theme in it and food psychology is the one that interests me the most. Hope I can find some people and work together and make it real.

Take a weight off my mind, Blog

The time to learn a hardest lesson of life has come. MOVE ON. So hard. I can’t imagine it’s gonna be this hard. My dota 2 hardest game is just like a ribosome compare to this move on lesson that as huge as an universe. Updating my blog is just a way to transfer my emotion. But, not all, eventually. Maybe this type of move on will take several months, or even years! I spend 5 months already but still, zero result. Could be worse…

I hope something or maybe someone could help like an enzyme as a catalyst to accelerate my learning time so I don’t have to waste a fucking lot of time to overcome this. Dota 2 helps, but not that much. Maybe, play more games will help. Or eating. Or sleeping.

PS: E-Motion is kind of a good name for a product that could move that commanded from something that conduct electricity.

Another Post

Last year is one of my painful year. When you really want something until you kneel and beg like a poorest guy in the world for it and still it’s not enough. Maybe that phrase is perfectly suit with my situation back last year. I didn’t know why that kind of situation was coming so fast. But today, I learn something that helps me discover an answer to my wonder. The answer is maybe I would not ready if I got my prize after that painful sacrifice. Maybe it would changing my destiny to the future that will make me a not well-functioning civilian. Maybe it would drift me apart from the people who I love too much..

Akibat Bom Fosfor

Senjata terlarang yang digunakan militer Zionis Israel dalam serangannya selama 22 hari terhadap Jalur Gaza, akan menyebabkan kelahiran bayi cacat fisik di Gaza.

Sebagaimana dilaporkan Radip IRIB, Iran dari Jalur Gaza, keterangan seorang ahli lingkungan hidup Mesir, Dr. Mahmud Amr, penggunaan senjata terlarang secara masif oleh Israel di Gaza berdampak buruk pada lingkungan hidup khususnya terhadap sumber-sumber air, dan penggunaan sumber tersebut akan berakibat buruk bagi kesehatan warga khususnya para ibu hamil. Continue reading